We empower Muslim Women Writers in New York and beyond. We’re dedicated to helping writers find their voice, offering essential book publishing resources and support.

About us

Strange Inc., a New York-based non profit organization, passionately empowers Muslim women writers and creatives. Our journey began with spoken word performances, evolving into publishing books to ensure authentic representation. We’re devoted to amplifying the voices of Muslim women often marginalized in media. Guided by faith and truth, inspired by the Quran and Sunnah, we pursue excellence. Our global community unites Muslim creatives for positive change through art, reclaiming identities. Initiatives like The Writers Block, The Strange Inc. Show, Courses and coaching programmes uplift these voices authentically. We aspire to publish more books, support great writers, and inform the world about our realities.


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What we offer

Writing Conference

LitFEST, the Annual Muslim Women’s Writing Conference, is a comprehensive virtual writing retreat meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of Muslim women aspiring to enhance their literary prowess. This immersive event encompasses various facets of writing, ranging from marketing strategies to the crucial process of initiating a book. Attendees will have the invaluable opportunity to engage with industry experts, drawing insights and guidance from seasoned professionals in the field. LitFEST aims to create a nurturing space where participants can delve into the intricacies of their craft, fostering a supportive community that empowers Muslim women to navigate the nuanced world of writing with confidence and expertise.

‘It was really engaging sincerely and I loved the acceptance, even when I was to shy to speak and you guys said it’s fine. Despite that I was able to engage in all the creative sessions through the chat box and it was an interesting experience. Just within a short time the sisters had a beautiful bond. ‘


‘These sessions were a mirror into myself; it felt mesmerizingly beautiful being around sisters with whom I could connect on a whole different level. Gems were shared and lifelong memories were made. Alhamdulillah for The Woke Write Masterclass; alhamdulillah for, and jazakallahu khairan to sisters Aishah and Kashmir for initiating this exceptional course for Muslimah writers.’


‘This course is eye-opening and in touch with the inner self and inner awareness. This class is also a place for womanhood and community. ‘

Ashiya Ali

I enjoyed the rich focus on merging intuition, our connection with divine inspiration, and writing from the heart to produced genuinely channeled content.’


‘I enjoyed it, it was extremely informative and self validating. It was also different which makes it lucrative ♥️’ 

Neimah B.

‘Kashmir is a very empathetic, understanding and helpful coach who understands my concerns, views and goals. Kashmir has helped me find ways in which to rediscover myself spiritually, career-wise and also personality-wise. I highly recommend Kashmir as a coach because she will diligently work with you one-on-one, patiently, and in a structured way, to accomplish your goals. Kashmir will help you rediscover yourself, your strengths and aptitudes in order for you to achieve your life goals. Many of the strengths that lay dormant within us sometimes require the right person to come along and unlock it so that our talents and abilities can be used to their full potential- I believe Kashmir helped me discover this. Thank you Kashmir, keep up the good work!’

Marieta Alina Florea

The Strange Inc.

Looking for a valuable resource to help you navigate the writing world? Tune in to The Strange Inc. Show! Our show provides insights, answers to common questions, and features interviews with successful women writers. Join our community and take your writing to the next level. Listen now and be inspired!

Elevating the Voices of Muslim Women Writers.

At Strange Inc., our mission is clear: to be a guiding light for Muslim Women Writers in New York and globally. We are your dedicated allies, providing invaluable support and resources for aspiring and experienced writers alike. As a Book Publisher, we understand the significance of diverse narratives, and we’re committed to helping you bring your stories to life. With our Book Publishing Resources at your disposal, we aim to empower you to share your unique perspectives and experiences with the world.