Our Hybrid Model

Our hybrid style is Partnership publishing

The Power of Partnership Publishing

In the publishing landscape, there are various hybrid models (also known as independent publisher) to consider. Crowdfunding-based and assisted self-publishing can be viable, but they may not always serve the best interests of the author. Partnership Publishing, on the other hand, offers a unique proposition that’s truly centered around the author’s success.

We put the author first

  • Selectivity: We carefully select books to make yours stand out and connect with readers effectively.
  • Proven Success: Our track record includes numerous successful books that have sold well under our publishing, proving our commitment to your success.
  • Investment in Your Success: We’re more than publishers; we’re partners in your journey. We invest our time and resources to promote and sell your books, sharing in the profits with you.
  • No Minimum Sales Requirements: We prioritize your peace of mind. You won’t face the stress of minimum sales quotas.
  • Ownership of Printed Books: When you pay for the print run, you own those books. No additional costs are required to obtain copies of your own work.
  • Fair Royalties: We offer fair royalties with 80% of the book’s proceeds going to the author, ensuring your hard work is duly rewarded.
  • Transparency: We’re upfront about costs, ensuring no hidden fees or misleading representations. Your journey with us is clear and straightforward.