Poetic Justice

An Anthology of Poems By Muslims

Poetic Justice is a compilation of poems by Muslims from around the globe on the topics of Palestine, Uyghur Muslims in East Turkistan, Environmental justice and Black Lives Matter. With over 40 contributors, this work of art is a testimony of the most concurrent events of 2019 and 2021, during which time the poems were compiled.

Strange Inc. is a non- profit organization based in New York. As the sponsoring entity of this book, with one of our core values being Community, it is our mission to collaborate, create, and unite with Muslim creatives around the globe, using our art to mobilize a movement which facilitates positive changes in the world.

Page Count: 187

Price: $13.99

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Powerful poems by outspoken poets who are standing up against the cruelty and injustice they see around the globe. The poems address the abuse and racism that is being perpetrated against Palestinians, Uyghurs, Black people, and even our planet. We are supposed to be stewards and helpers, not oppressors. I think the book’s title perfectly sums up the poems raising a fist inside its pages. I am so proud of these Muslim poets for speaking truth to power. My friend saw my copy and wanted one for herself; so I’m ordering another copy inshaAllah.

– Ba

This poetic anthology is so utterly powerful. In a world that is so rampant with corruption and injustice, this anthology speaks truth to power and buffers this reality through a raw and revolutionary voice. ALL THE POEMS ARE AMAZING!

– K.M

I read it on the train and many have asked what it was about? I read a shot one and they enjoyed it very much. I hope they purchase it so they can find time to read and enjoy when and where ever. the book was organized very well.

– Happy

This is a unique collection of poetry finesse. Every poem exudes words of sentiment , concern, descriptions of the most salient expressions of the voice to the voiceless on the imperative issues discussed. The issues of Palestine, Uighars, Mother Earth & Black Lives Matter Written about in poetic styles Writing echoing these this vital issues & need for requisite discussion. Overall, an excellent editorial team and outstanding poetry from the contributing poets. I feel honoured to be amongst the poets who contributed four poems to this noble endeavour. An exhilarating and deep read!

– Shaista Hussain