The Muslim Woman’s Journal

Kahsmir Maryam

This journaling book is for any Muslim woman who has ever thought: “What is my purpose? My calling?”, “What is holding me back from living my dream life?”, or “How can I deepen my connection with Allah, whilst still working towards my worldly goals?”. Maybe you have been trying to understand your place in the world. Or perhaps you are struggling to reconcile your worldly goals, with your spiritual goals. Then, this journal is for you. Through 10 specific arenas of your life, this book will encourage you to dig deeper into what your most important goals are, where your priorities currently stand, and where you want to see yourself in the near future, including the everlasting life of the hereafter. If you have been searching for purpose and contentment, then my sister, this is your sign. | Page Count: 212 | Price: $17.99

“A journal for Muslim women to help them find meaning in life through journaling. The author shares her personal journey of conflict between career and inner peace and what faith means to her. These can be universally applied since journaling is known to be a great stress reliever. Similarly practicing gratitude, and looking inwards to find peace and love are all great ways to find true happiness when our life’s goals may seem conflicting.”

– Blue Sapphire

“have used many journals to reflect and improve my life and have never came across one like this! This journal is perfect for those trying to improve themselves in this world and the next. This journal has helped me shift my mindset and has helped me to take the time to reflect on my relationship with my creator while prioritizing my mental health. The journaling prompts help you to reflect on your purpose in life, discover your passion, and to be more mindful and in the moment. Through this reflection I have discovered deeper parts of myself. The Duaa after each chapter helps you to be connected to your creator and makes this journaling an act of worship as we work on ourselves to become better in this life and the next. This is a perfect gift for anyone looking to improve themselves mentally and spiritually.”

Suhaila Figueroa

“A journal for Muslim women that helps them find the meaning of life through journaling. The author talks about her personal path of conflict between her career and her inner peace, and what her faith means to her. These are universally applicable as journaling is known to be a great stress reliever. Likewise, practicing gratitude and looking inward to find peace and love are excellent ways to find true happiness when your life goals seem contradictory.”


“First, I love the thoughtful introduction in this book. The author shares some of her own personal experiences. By doing that she draws the reader into the journal. Then she lists so many important goals and provides questions a woman can ask herself. Finally, at the end the author provides some very good tips and a list of resources where one can get assistance with goals.”

Ms. Mary