September 15, 2023

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Aishah Alam, President of Strange, Inc.

Winners of The Strange Inc. Book Awards 2023

New York, September 15th 2023 – The literary world is abuzz with excitement as we proudly unveil the talented authors who have clinched victory in the prestigious 2023 Strange Inc. Book Awards. This year’s competition was a hotly contested showcase of exceptional literary prowess, resulting in the recognition of three outstanding winners, each shining brightly in their respective categories: fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books.

In the non-fiction category, Nour Akhras captivated the judges and readers alike with “Just One,” a compelling work that delved into thought-provoking themes and meticulous research, earning well-deserved acclaim.Shahida Rahman emerged victorious in the fiction category with “An Ayah’s Choice,” a masterful narrative that skillfully wove together a captivating tapestry of characters and emotions, leaving an indelible mark on all who read it.

In the realm of children’s literature, Shabana Hussain’s “Speak Up Sami” stood out as a heartwarming and engaging tale that not only entertained but also imparted valuable life lessons to young readers, making it a true gem in the genre.

The 2023 Strange Inc. Book Awards celebrate literary excellence and the exceptional talents of these authors who have made an indomitable impact on readers worldwide. Their dedication to the craft and unique storytelling abilities have enriched the literary landscape in profound ways.

“We are thrilled to celebrate Nour Akhras, Shahida Rahman, and Shabana Hussain as the esteemed winners of the 2023 Strange Inc. Book Awards,” said Aishah Alam, President at Strange Inc. “Their remarkable contributions to literature have left an enduring mark on the hearts and minds of readers, and we are honored to recognize their achievements.”

The Strange Inc. Book Awards, in its first year, is committed to honoring and supporting authors who continually push the boundaries of creativity and imagination. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the winners and eagerly anticipate their future literary endeavors.

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We were born out of a passion to uplift and celebrate the creativity and diversity of our community. For too long, the voices of Muslim women have been drowned out by biased and offensive narratives, and our stories have been hijacked and told for us. We collaborate, build and unite Muslim creatives worldwide, mobilizing a movement for positive change through art.

At Strange, Inc. our banner is truthfulness, and our blueprint is excellence in all we do. Our vision is a world where the genuine and unique perspectives of Muslim women are valued and appreciated.
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