December 13, 2023

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Aishah Alam, President of Strange, Inc.

Ignite Your Writing Passion with “The Woke Writer” – A Guiding Light for Muslim Women Authors

New York, December 13th, 2023 – Strange Inc., a non-profit publishing house committed to uplifting the authentic voices of Muslim women, is thrilled to announce the release of its fourth transformative publication, “The Woke Writer | A Companion For The Conscious Muslim Woman Writer” by Aishah Alam.

Dive into the pages of “The Woke Writer,” a book meticulously crafted to banish writer’s block and fuel the creative flame. In a world where only 3% of aspiring novelists persevere, this book unlocks the elusive key to success – inspiration. The book takes readers on a profound exploration of faith, values, and creativity through three compelling parts: The Soul, The Eye, The Vision. Tailored specifically for Muslim women, it goes beyond conventional writing advice, offering practical tools for recognizing and utilizing inspiration in writing.

Key Features:

  • Four parts: The Soul, The Eye, The Vision, Look Deeper
  • Tailor-made for Muslim women
  • Deep exploration of faith, values, and creativity
  • Inspiration-driven approach to writing
  • Practical tools for recognizing and utilizing inspiration in your writing

“The Woke Writer” is a must-read for Muslim women writers seeking to overcome obstacles, reignite their passion, and bring their literary visions to life. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your writing journey and discover the joy of creating with inspiration as your guide. Ideal for fans of motivational literature and a perfect gift for aspiring authors.

About Aishah Alam:

Aishah Alam, the author of “The Woke Writer,” is a graduate with a degree in Islamic Studies from Mishkah University and a degree in Social Work. As the founder of Strange Inc., a non-profit publishing house, her personal mission is to elevate the authentic voices of Muslim women. Aishah is also a writing coach, advocating for a holistic approach that honors women’s emotions, spirituality, minds, and bodies. Visit for more information.

Press Contact:
Aishah Alam

About Strange Inc.:

Strange Inc. is a non-profit publishing house based in New York, dedicated to uplifting and celebrating the creativity and diversity of the Muslim women community. Through book publications, editing and coaching services, and writing workshops, Strange Inc. fosters an intimate writing community for Muslim women, united by mutual support and respect. The organization envisions a world where the genuine and unique perspectives of Muslim women are valued and appreciated.

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