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Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is like a creative roadblock that many writers encounter. It happens when they can’t get their ideas on paper, often due to self-doubt, perfectionism, or a lack of inspiration. It’s not just frustrating; it can be emotionally draining.

  • Writer’s block is a common creative hurdle.
  • It’s like hitting a wall in your imagination.
  • It often occurs due to self-doubt, the pursuit of perfection, or a lack of inspiration.
  • Writers can feel disheartened when they struggle to express their thoughts.

Do you experience Writers Block?

At Strange Inc., we offer a unique approach to overcoming writer’s block. Our core values revolve around community and healing. We firmly believe that writer’s block frequently stems from emotional struggles. To combat this issue, our dedicated community hosts live expressive writing sessions. Our creative process serves as a healing force, aiming to ease these emotional hurdles. We provide a nurturing and empathetic environment where creativity and self-expression can flourish, helping writers break free from the grip of writer’s block.

Our program offers a dynamic experience with a variety of features including a community based live writing workshop, silent writing sessions, and a critique circle.

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What our attendees are saying

“I enjoyed the interactions and insights the most, and the quite time to write in the silent writing sessions. My Biggest insight was commitment and the importance of accountability.”

– Fatima Zahra

“After the session I felt satisfied emotionally and content. For the live workshop, I enjoyed the self-reflection and self-healing and for the silent writing session I enjoyed being able to take a specific time out to write in a relaxed environment that also allowed me to be accountable for showing up.”

– Naimah B

“It’s a whole different level of satisfaction and acknowledgement seeing sisters talk about writing, their work, and just buckling down to write. Writing felt real after the sessions, and so worthy. One can watch all the videos and podcasts in the world and still not feel this feeling that’s present in a close-knit community, alhamdulillah.”

– Sarah M

1. Access to The Writers Block Community

  • 12 60 minute live expressive writing session which are member led focused on moving through emotional blocks
  • 12 60 minute silent writing sessions so you can can work on personal projects alongside other writers
  • A monthly critique circle who give you feedback on up to 5000 words of your writing project tailored to Muslim women writers
  • A safe and healing space and likeminded sisters who are here to support you on your writing journey

2. 30% discounts on courses and events, including the annual Writers Conference

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***We are currently accepting only Muslim Women***

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